Chair’s position statement

The key to improved prevention and treatment of renal failure is through understanding

The Shire Chair strives to develop multidisciplinary research approaches in the field of nephrology and kidney transplantation in order to improve our understanding of the factors that damage kidney function with the global aim of defining more effective ways of preventing and treating kidney failure.

Over the past decade, the number of patients with moderate to severe chronic renal failure (CRF) has been steadily increasing by about 8% per year in most industrialized countries, including Canada. This increase reflects the prevalence over the past three decades of risk factors associated with CRF such as diabetes and hypertension. It is likely that the rate of increase in CRF will continue to rise and even accelerate over the course of this decade.

The increase in the number of cases of renal failure means that the demand for treatments to replace renal function, such as hemodialysis and kidney transplants will also increase. In addition, long-term metabolic and cardiovascular complications associated with uremia contribute to the high rate of morbidity and mortality in this patient group, which in turn places pressure on health services.

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